Westgate C.P. School


Welcome toWestgate C.P.School

Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Westgate CP School, a happy and successful community where the children are at the heart of all we do. Westgate CP School is a special place to learn.


We pride ourselves on being a truly inclusive school that is part of the community and where our pupils feel safe and cared for. We aim to create a happy, secure and stimulating environment where all members of our school community can grow in self-esteem and develop their full potential.


Westgate CP School is a successful, caring school, where each child is valued as an individual with a unique personality and talents to be developed and celebrated.


We are committed to helping all children attain their full potential and become independent learners who enjoy the wide curriculum offered to them. However, our school also provides all pupils with exemplary pastoral care, which enables them to be highly motivated learners and to feel safe and valued. We aim to promote each child’s social and emotional growth, self-awareness and self-esteem and to celebrate the physical, spiritual and creative development of each child in our care.


We believe that a child’s education is a partnership between home and school and are extremely proud of our unwavering desire to help our pupils and families. We have a team of highly-dedicated staff and governors who work closely together to ensure that each of our children feel valued, safe, happy and inspired to learn.


We are proud of our school, and we invite you to come and experience and appreciate the opportunities offered to our pupils.