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About Us:

Our Reception intake includes two classes, each benefitting from experienced teaching and support staff. We operate on a daily basis through a flexible timetable where children experience a mix of adult directed teaching alongside long uninterrupted periods of child initiated learning both inside and outside.

Children are provided with opportunities to read and write throughout the environment and resources are put out to suit children’s interests and needs. We work closely with families to support both children and parents with any anxieties they may have with starting school.

We maintain these relationships through personal conversations and our online Learning Journey - Tapestry.



Look at all the fantastic learning we do in Reception!

Posting letters!

Maths - money

Easter gardens

Forest Adventures - We went into the forest area with our clipboards to find signs of spring to draw. The children really enjoyed sitting quietly and drawing and painting what they could see.

Comic Relief - Egg and spoon races

Reading Workshop


'It was such a sweet morning to get a glimpse into her school world... Thank you for all you do for my kiddo!'

'Thank you for inviting us in today. Rupert and I had a wonderful time'
'I loved today, thanks so much for organising it. It was really nice to see what they get up to at school and how engaging and fun all the activities are.' 

Pancake Day!

Lunar new year food tasting

Please find below our teaching overview for the year, which has been designed to focus on a range of progressive skills that we would like to teach and to then support our children to develop. 

In Early Years at Westgate, we plan in more detail on a weekly basis; these plans will include the knowledge that the children will need when they move on to their next class. Here at Westgate, we put the children at the centre of everything we do. When planning, our starting point is always to use what the children are interested in, what they already know and what they would like to know next. We observe, talk and play with the children to find out what they are interested in and then weave this into our weekly planning. Alongside this, we introduce new interests and experiences learning and exploring new ideas together. 

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If you would like any further information or have a question to ask about home learning, please do not hesitate to email your child's class teacher on the following email.


Mrs McGhee:

Mrs Heuer and Mrs Lingwood:


A staff member will get back to you as soon as possible, although this might not always be straight away due to personal circumstances or technical issues beyond their control.


If you feel you just need a listening ear, do get in contact with us here at school on 01284 755988 - there will always be someone who can talk things through with you.


Thank you for working with us to support your child's learning.