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Online / Social Media Statement

Online Social Media - Policy Statement

As a parent/carer of a child or children at Westgate CP School and Nursery, there are expectations when entering the school site, communicating with any member of staff and using any form of social media. Like all procedures, these are in place to protect and safeguard our children and adults, and are based around mutual respect and an understanding of boundaries.

When communicating with the school via official communication channels, or using private/independent channels to talk about the school:



  • Be respectful towards members of staff, and the school, at all times.
  • Be respectful of other parents/carers and children.
  • Direct any complaints or concerns through the school’s official channels, so they can be dealt with in line with the school’s complaints procedure.


Do not


  • Use private groups or personal social media (such as Facebook) to complain about or criticise the school or members of staff. This is not constructive and the school can’t improve or address issues if they aren’t raised in an appropriate way.
  • Use private groups or personal social media to complain about, or try to resolve, a behaviour issue involving other pupils.
  • Upload or share photos or videos on social media of any child other than your own.
  • Always contact the school and speak to the appropriate member of staff if there is a specific behaviour issue or incident.