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Absence and Medical



If children are absent from school, parents and carers must contact the school at the earliest opportunity.  We have a dedicated absence line on 01284 755988 (Option #1).  Please state the name of the child, their class and a brief message as to why they are absent.


The school accepts that pupils with medical needs should be assisted if at all possible and that they have a right to the full education available to other pupils. The school believes that pupils with medical needs should be enabled to have full attendance and receive the necessary proper care and support.


The Administration of Prescribed Medicines

We can only administer prescription medication. Medication must be in its original packaging with the dispensing label attached; detailing who the medication is for, the dosage and the expiry date. If applicable, a measuring spoon or syringe should also be supplied.  Parents will be required to complete a Medication Consent Form if the school agrees it can administer the medication.

Please refer to our Managing Medical Conditions and First Aid Policy.


Managing Medical Conditions and First Aid Policy