Westgate C.P. School and Nursery


Welcome toWestgate C.P.School and Nursery


Early Years Foundation Stage:

Mrs J Eley - Nursery (Bumblebee) Teacher / Music Lead

Mrs S Fenn - Reception (Ladybird) Teacher / Early Years Foundation Stage Phase Lead (On Maternity Leave)

Mrs G McGhee - Reception (Ladybird) Teacher / Early Years Foundation Stage Phase Lead ( Covering Maternity Leave)

Mrs R Heuer - Reception (Butterfly) Teacher / Art/DT Lead

Mrs S Lingwood - Reception (Butterfly) Teacher / Phonics Lead


Key Stage 1:

Mr D Oates - Year 1O Class Teacher / English Lead / Key Stage 1 Phase Lead

Mrs L Bates - Year 1BM Class Teacher / EAL Lead / RE

Mrs S Mclean - Year 1BM Class Teacher / Phonics Lead

Mrs V Linstead - Year 2L Class Teacher / Science 

Mrs A Sawyer - 2SC Class Teacher / Humanities Lead

Mrs N Cleaver - Year 2SC Class Teacher / Art/ DT Lead


Key Stage 2:

Mrs N Knowles - Year 3K Class Teacher / Science Lead / Green Ambassador Lead 

Mrs R Kidd - Year 3K Class Teacher/ Deputy Headteacher / Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Lead / Curriculum Lead

Mrs H Gaught - Year 3K Class Teacher ( On Maternity Leave)

Miss H Buono - Year 3B Class Teacher / PSHE Lead

Mrs T Young - Year 4YR Class Teacher / PE Lead

Miss T Rankin - Year 4YR Class Teacher / Teacher of the Deaf / RE Lead

Miss E Serjeant - Year 4S Class Teacher / Humanities Lead

Mrs S Nichols - Year 5/6N Class Teacher / Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Lead / English lead

Mrs K Dalgoutte - Year 5/6JD Class Teacher / French Lead

Mr J Jarvill - Year 5/6JD Class Teacher / SENDCo

Mrs J Mitchell - Year 5/6M Class Teacher / Maths Lead