Westgate C.P. School and Nursery


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Support Staff

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA):

Mrs L Goodwin - Covers Teachers Planning, Preparation and Assessment Time  / Computing Lead

Mrs H Lewis - Covers Teachers Planning, Preparation and Assessment Time  / 


Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA):

Mrs T Spencer


Specialist Speech and Language Support Assistant:

Mrs A Green


Learning Support Assistants (LSA):

Mrs S Gutsell - Reception (Ladybird Class)

Miss J Bowden - Reception (Butterfly Class)

Mrs N Moores - Year 1

Mrs H Pursell - Year 1

Miss K Bugg - Year 2

Mrs S Kenworthy - Year 3

Miss R Clifton - Year 4

Mrs A Windwood - Year 4

Ms L Sparks - Year 5/6

Mrs S Perkins - Year 5/ 6



Hearing Impaired Unit (HIU) -Learning Support Assistants (LSA):

Mrs T Cockerill

Mrs S Cook

Mrs A Denny

Mrs C Fuller

Mrs E Lafond

Mrs T Pym-Hember

Mrs L Steel


Sports Coach:

Mr K Lovejoy