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"My children have been so happy at Westgate Nursery. It is great to have a nursery run by a qualified teacher, who is full of creative ideas to help the children to learn while they have fun. Every day there's different themed activities or sensory play, as well as opportunity for children to express their own individual interests. Westgate Nursery is a very warm, caring environment, with fantastic staff, and we highly recommend it."


Hannah Russell

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About Us:

At Westgate C.P. School and Nursery we offer morning nursery sessions that benefit from the vast experience of our highly skilled teacher and nursery support staff. We aim to provide a high quality, yet personal education for our children. We do this through a range of excellent resources, a well-planned environment and a big outdoor space. 



Children that attend our nursery become confident and independent learners, who make a very smooth transition into school. This is due to our nurturing manner, a great understanding of the early year’s curriculum and the close proximity and working relationship we have with the Reception staff.

Being a part of the school community enables our nursery children and families to have direct contact and support with a range of services. These include the school nurse, an on-site speech and language therapist, SEN specialists, Westgate family supporters and a safeguarding professional that can support families with a range of issues from parenting to housing. We pride ourselves on our multi-faceted approach that enables us to have good working relationships with the whole family. We maintain these relationships through personal conversations and our online Learning Journey - Tapestry.


Although our Nursery overview is progressive, it is important to consider that our children start Nursery at different times of the year and at different ages and stages. Our experienced Nursery teacher will be continually looking at the skills we want our Nursery children to learn and teach them when appropriate for each individual child.